Various Heads Connect: Vol One

Toronto’s Rhythmicru and Montreal’s ICM Records celebrate the continued success of their shared dual-city hip-hop night with this compilation of songs from the best heads to have connected at "Heads Connect.” This means most contributors are from Montreal and Toronto, or the surrounding area. They also all share a common desire to present a view of hip-hop true to themselves, which usually results in a nicely varied selection of sounds, subjects and songs. While Rhythmicru rap about rap ("Hip Hop Head,” "Never Had a Choice” and "Drop It”), Island City Monsters rap about themselves ("Help!”), T-West raps about Toronto ("T-Dot State of Mind”), the Dope Poet Society rap about politics ("Devils in Your Government”), Vandal raps about history ("Mongolia”), David Hodges does irony ("Online Radio Star”) and so on and so forth until the record concludes with the psychedelic turntablist track "Laughing Life” from iNSIDEaMiND. Heads Connect: Vol One has a little something for everyone and anyone. Plus, a few of these artists are bound to become trailblazers of Canadian hip-hop, guaranteed. So why wait? (ICM)