Various Gomma Audio No1

Looking towards the future of electronica, the Gomma Audio label offers beats for the brain as well as the feet. Their first compilation is a progressive electro showcase from mostly German labels and Swiss artists and is, dare I say, thought provoking, break obsessed and experimental downbeat that refreshes as much as it demands attention. Gomma Audio No1 revels in its quirky breakbeats, fat bass lines, snyth wig-outs and all around jarring rhythms. Note the extra-jolting Funksturung remix of Ike Yard's "R.C.R" and Protein's squelch-y, guitar-laced "Aspik." This is a CD that requires a few listens to sense the artistry in the experiment, and for some it will reward with the satisfaction of a "Kraftwerk does breaks in the new millennia album," or the thrill of an Amon Tobin and jazz quartet jam. Gomma Audio No1 is excitedly unsettling to listen to and is a serious "take notice" outing from the label whose audio experiments, I am sure, won't stop here. (Shadow)