Various Global Indie Clubpop!

Compiled by the crew behind long-running L.A. indie pop night Par Avion, we’re given a nice cross section of sugar-sweet left-of-centre pop from around the world. Tracks range from the electro-kitsch of Stereo Total’s "Hey Protest” to the gentler "Elevator Love Letter” by Montreal’s Stars and pretty much everything in between. China, Japan, the U.S. and the UK are also represented here and the language issue becomes irrelevant — this is about style and sound, not lyrical interpretation. The compilation benefits from the inclusion of strong tracks like Figurine’s "Impossible” and I Am The World Trade Center’s "Dancing Alone.” Be warned, though — this compilation does contain a lethal dose of bouncy laptop pop. As lovely as it is, the Stars track is actually the odd one out — it sounds strangely polished, as if too grown-up to fit in with the kids. That said, the current musical landscape can be a terribly serious place at times and this compilation is guaranteed to change your mood for the better, transporting you to the ultimate future-pop, mega-twee all-night dance-a-thon. If you think you can handle it, get dressed up and come join the party. Fantastiche! (Eenie Meenie)