Various Fuzzy-Felt Folk

From the peculiar little UK reissue label Trunk Records comes this tremendously odd collection of rare children’s songs and TV theme music from the 1960s. A strong whiff of mothballs hangs about the vinyl-crackly tunes and several of the tracks seem a touch too creepy for the modern toddler, who’s been raised on much more blandly wholesome children’s entertainment. With many tracks incorporating spooky chimes and haunting falsetto vocals, these songs feel like exotic treasures unearthed from some dusty vault. Although there are gems sprinkled throughout, the most appealing tracks in the collection are the two closers: an outrageously foppish version of "Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be” and an all-kazoo rendition of "Teddy Bear’s Picnic,” both of which are brimming over with absurd, unbridled joy. Weird beyond belief, Fuzzy-Felt Folk is currently set on continuous repeat at our house. But, hey, maybe I’m just trying to make up for hiding my kid’s Wiggles DVD behind the sofa. (Dobles)