Various Futurism Ain't Shit to Me

Steal my heart and open with Dabrye’s subdued glitch/dub of "Making it Pay,” why don’t you! It gets better, including more artists working in minimal electronic genres with the savvy and image of hip-hop: stand outs include White Hole’s darling "Charterflug” and a new and more passionate-sounding version of AGF’s "Regional Distinctions.” Gold Chains and Sue Cie’s dirty old rock star voice over videogame music in "Stay Ahead” tips the balance towards hip-hop and away from the minimal tech/glitch genres. Gonzales’s first-wave hip-hop/electro tinged rap "Futuristic Ain’t Shit to Me,” Anti-Pop Consortium’s "Ping Pong,” and Aesop Rock’s "Bent Life” with C-Rayz Walz round out the album with innovative compositions and lyrics. It’s a smart collection laid out to show how an artist like Dabrye can still be linked to hip-hop, while on the flip side someone like the Bench has minimal glitch ties. There’s hardly a negligible track, making this compilation worth your time and money. (Kitty Yo)