Various Free The West Memphis Three

This benefit CD is a collection of songs by artists like the Supersuckers, Steve Earl, Zeke, L7 and Tom Waits. It was put together to raise money and awareness about a group of young men imprisoned in a case where there were few actual clues or details to link them to the murders that they were convicted of. It's believed that the fact the West Memphis Three, as they are known, wore black clothes, listened to hard rock and were seen generally as outsiders made them targets of justice gone wrong. As for the music, solid tracks are turned in by all the musicians involved. Rocket From the Crypt blast out a classic piece of their horn-driven attack with "Wrong and Important," the Supersuckers with Eddie Vedder do an excellent cover of the X song "Poor Little Girl" and Zeke's "Wrathchild' just plain kicks ass. Most of the tracks seem to be written about the case, or at least relate to it in some fashion, with the downbeat L7 song "Boys In Black" being the most literal of the lot. Even if you don't think you're interested in the politics behind this record, the solid tunes by some of the rocking-est bands out there today is reason enough to buy this. Whether or not the West Memphis Three are guilty, it seems that they didn't get a fair trial because of their lifestyle and social status, so it's cool to see bands like Nashville Pussy stand up for the rights of the type of people who are buying their music. (Koch)