Various Favela Chic-Postonove 4

One of the hippest restaurant/clubs in Europe right now is Favela Chic, which has locations in both London and Paris, and has been slowly building a reputation for its DJs putting together some of the finest compilations of Brazilian music available today. Postonove 4, the latest in the series, stays true to its predecessors’ style in that it rotates between traditional players such as Os Mutantes and Elza Soares while throwing in many new and obscure samba cuts that joyously capture the consistent progression of traditional samba forms. With over a million revellers set to take to the streets of Rio this month in the annual Carnival celebrations, opening track "La Vem Salgueiro” fittingly captures the excitement with traditional samba guitars strummed over whistles and bongos that like all of the cuts, puts a groove in your step but never makes you feel awkward. As with previous compilations, the Postonove series is not content to just stick with one genre and Marcelinho da Lua and Voltair offer slices of Brazilian hip-hop and its famed drum & bass scene on "Tranquilo” and "A Hora do Brazil.” (Wagram)