Various Elektronische Musik — Interkontinental 4

It always seems like tech-house should just fade away as it can be a very conservative and repetitive genre. But compilations like this keep the faithful going and push into new directions. As expected from Traum, one of the genre’s leading labels, it clicks, whirs and bleeps with occasional melody. On the simple, groovy side of things are Zentex’s "Napa,” Adam Kroll’s "Aeugler” and Oliver Hacke’s "Taxi.” Going for complicated processing are Nathan Fake with the extended jam session "Dinamo,” the funky and clicky "Murder in the Clouds” by Steve Barnes and Riley Reinhold, and Canadian Jesse Somfay’s very percussive and melodic "The Days of My Youth Ended with Broken Bottles,” which may be the best and most inventive song on the disc. Another interesting track is Peter Schumann’s "Ric,” which somehow manages to be dubby, hypnotic and complicated at the same time. There are also a few down-tempo tracks, which aren’t as memorable. Also included is a short animated movie based on the Chinese fairy tale Quon and the Wild Flowers of China. I leave its interpretation up to the reader. (Traum)