Various DukeDaGod Presents Dipset: More Than Music Vol. 2

While Dipset may enjoy a WWE-esque rivalry with G-Unit, their success is in part due to G-Unit’s. 50 and the gang’s kinship and ability to sell records on a logo rather than music opened the door for crews like Dipset to do the same. More Than Music Vol. 2 is a compilation of all their artists who donated mediocre tracks that either didn’t make their albums or no movies wanted them for a soundtrack. Everyone but 40 Cal seems to just phone it in, with the typical "I’m rich, bitch, so what you gonna do?” rhetoric. 40 Cal’s "Getting By,” one of two solo tracks on the CD, is a soulful and heartfelt hit for the hood, not that it’s groundbreaking but it’s a nice break from the "get money/get bitches” tone that engulfs the rest of the album. In the intro, DukeDaGod shouts, "Ain’t no compromising. Kill these niggas if you have to.” Contrary to this proclamation, the entire album is a lazy compromise. While the talents of these individual members are relative, they make no arguments in their defence. More Than Music is nothing more than excess. By listening to themselves, maybe Dipset will realise their commonalities with G-Unit and put their differences aside, if there are any at all. (Dipset/Koch)