Various Definitive Jux Presents II

Last year we were blessed with a tiny offering as to what the Definitive Jux label had to offer with the first installment of the Def Jux Presents EP. Consisting of only a handful of tracks from label heavyweights Company Flow, Cannibal Ox, RJD2 and Aesop Rock, it indicated a label with an remarkably strong roster but little to show. Now with these initial artists shaking up the underground and mainstream hip-hop scene, it's time for the future of the label to step up to the plate. Some strong tracks from these newcomers including an all-star matching of MCs including El-P, Cage, and Copywrite, but it's the sure shots like Aesop and RJD2 that really take centre stage. Mr. Lif also manages to sneak to the front of the line with a slick collaboration with Opio from the once-mighty Souls of Mischief - the Hieroglyphics lyrics haven't sounded this good since 93 'Til Infinity. The crown jewel of the compilation though is the return of El-P as a solo artist. For all of those who have been going through Company Flow withdrawal finally get a dose of what to expect when he drops a full length later this year. A nice note for the record to end on proving that the Def Jux all-stars are still on point and a glimpse of what the label has stored to unleash in 2002. (Definitive Jux)