Various Dead Zeppelin: A Metal Tribute To Led Zeppelin

As if 1994's big budget Led Zeppelin tribute Encomium wasn't enough (and it wasn't), the tribute-happy gents at Dwell assemble one of the finest compilations around. Though the chosen bands are mostly unknown, this album focuses on Zeppelin's most rocking compositions, unlike most hit-centred collections. Easily winning this year's best band name award, Czech sextet Silent Stream of Godless Elegy blows the roof off with gutsy female vocals amid vile bathtub-drain male growls on the sprawling "Kashmir." No strangers to Dwell projects (they also appeared on an earlier tribute to Death), Toronto's own Solus tackles "Rock 'n' Roll," and front-man Will Korbut gleefully screams bloody murder in this hyper-speed, Slayer-esque thrash-fest. Maine's Anno Daemonicus smartly picks "Immigrant Song" as a perfect foil to their black metal leanings, while Singapore's Doxomedon shines on the throbbing "Living Loving Maid." Ohio's Vladimirs turn in a super version of "In The Light," with their main vocal nailing a perfect cross between Jim Morrison and the guy from Revelation, whereas Estonian combo Postmortem crawls up Lemmy's leg on "The Ocean." With Coalesce sitting on the definitive version, New York's Malamor shouldn't have bothered with "Out On The Tiles," but Germany's Wasteland keeps the punk rock intact on "Wearing And Tearing." Two brave bands take on Zep's oft misunderstood Presence album; Kentucky's Assisting Sorrow burns down the house with an ultra engaging take on the epic "Achilles' Last Stand" and Czech band Orange Moon absolutely wails on the album's best cut, the driving "Nobody's Fault But Mine." This is the most metal fun anyone could have honouring one of rock's greatest, guaranteed (Dwell)