Various Chosen Few El Documental

Featuring some of the biggest names in reggaeton, many of whom are already making big waves in the U.S., Chosen Few El Documental is a representation of the newest genre to breakout of Latin America and try to make its way into a cross over, English speaking market. Born in Panama but cultivated in Puerto Rico, reggaeton shares roots in many Latin American styles of music like cumbia and merengue as well as roots in the Caribbean styles of reggae and dancehall. More than just a serious bouncing rhythm, lyrically, reggaeton looks towards American hip-hop, from gangsta rap to bling-bling. Many of the tracks on this documentary/soundtrack have reached anthem status on sweaty dance floors all over the world, including Don Omar’s super MTV-loved "Reggaeton Latino.” Look out for one of the first American rappers to latch onto reggaeton’s rhythm and icons, N.O.R.E with "Chosen One: Papi N.O.R.E.” as well as Baby Rasta y Gringo’s "Sabes lo Que Vas Hacer” and Plan B featuring Amaro "Ya Regrese”. Chosen Few El Documental was a documentary first and is the first doc released in the race to analyse this "new” musical genre as it chases down interviews with many reggaeton stars and admirers from both Latin America and the U.S. In an impressive move, Chosen Few captures an exclusive interview with one of the first Puerto Rican’s MCs to use reggaeton as a way to talk about the realities of life en el barrio, Tempo, who is currently serving a 24-year prison sentence for narcotics. The essential timing of reggaeton’s rising success with the release of this documentary/soundtrack gives many fans and the curious a solid collection of tracks and a first-hand look at the reggaeton scene from the inside. (Urban Box Office)