Various Castle Party

This compilation represents the ninth instalment of the annual weekend darkwave music festival at the creepy Bolkow castle in Bolkow, Poland. By darkwave, I mean all things from the "dark side”: goth, electro, industrial, metal and all combinations thereof. Here, you get a sampling of 17 bands, all somehow fitting loosely under the black umbrella of goth. This one follows the footsteps of its eight predecessors by presenting a thorough taste of European bands that aren’t easy to find across the pond here and because of that, it is a great way of exploring a genre that may be new to you or discovering new bands that are unfamiliar. How else would you ever find out about the magnificent Polish act Closterkeller? Apparently huge in the Polish underground music circles, the lead vocalist Anja Orthodox could give Siouxsie Sioux a lesson or two. Other standout moments are German darkwave act Diary of Dreams sounding uncannily like Wolfsheim and the dark sexiness and smooth electronics of Germany’s Final Selection. Mellow, fuzzy synth sounds and repeating kick drums all sit comfortably next to power chords and throaty, caustic vocals making this party one that all will enjoy. (Metal Mind)