Various CanCon

While most Canadian hip-hop comps tend to be more regional than national, Buttertubs and Off Societi have done a great job of compiling a variety of cottage rap songs from across Canada. The simply titled CanCon compilation starts strong in Halifax with an "Intro” from Dexter Doolittle & DJ Y-Rush, proceeds to Toronto for More Or Les’s "Eat Your Food” and then heads over to Winnipeg for Mood Ruff’s "Rocketship.” There’s also representation from London’s Sequestrians ("Totally Originoo”), Montreal's Presswon ("Funk Express”), Vancouver’s Jeff Spec ("Never Say Goodbye”) and Saskatoon's Eekwol ("Catch 22”). But the most recognisable name is K’naan, who comes with one of the highlights, closing with "Soobax,” while other noteworthy appearances are made by John Smith, Thesis Sahib and Jay Bizzy. There is very little filler on CanCon but Jeff Spec and Presswon suffer for not exactly matching the flow of the album even though the songs range from mellow ballads to dark experiments to underground bangers. It’s also worth noting that many of the songs have previously dropped, although it is unlikely someone will have most of the albums on which these songs appear separately. Besides, as a collection of some of the best songs by a variety of underground Canadian backpack rappers, CanCon works perfectly as an introduction to a vibrant, often overlooked scene that criss-crosses the nation. (Buttertubs/Off Societi)