Various Café Méliès Vol. 2

The "Africanism All-Stars” collective of renowned producers and DJs (Bob Sinclar, Martin Solveig, DJ Gregory, Julien Jabre, Gwen, Lego, Q-Tee Fingers and Liquid People) blend together a mixture of Afro-inspired rhythms with contemporary electro beats. Their first mixed compilation was so successful they’ve released a sequel that offers up more bass line-heavy soul-dance flavour. While the mix has been tweaked for different markets, this version has been mixed by Sinclar (disc one) and Solveig (disc two). Noted French house music pioneer and Yellow label founder, Sinclar (aka Chris le Friand), offers up some of his own funk-heavy rhythmic tracks ("On the Drums”) before segueing into soulful vocal house (Q-Tee Fingers’ "I’m Ready”). Fellow French producer, Solveig, opens his mix with a classic track by Afrobeat innovator Tony Allen and lays down a nice collaboration with Salif Keita, who is called "the golden voice of Africa” ("Madan”). An ambitious sonic journey across Africa, South America and the West Indies, Africanism II reflects the current trend on the international club scene towards cultural fusion. (Distribution Select)