Various Blue-Eyed Garage

This is one of the few ’60s garage compilations to be released in the last decade that isn’t riddled with tracks that have already been compiled, and it has two great rare Canadian tracks — one of which features a member of Max Webster on organ way back in a mid-’60s New Brunswick recording studio. Now we’ve covered the perspective from the ’60s collecting sect, let’s get to what’s in it for the lay lovers of music, so-to-speak: great rock’n’roll from a sub-genre overlooked during the Beatles and Kinks era. The tracks on this compilation are just as finely crafted as songs of the hit makers from this period of 1964 to ’69, during which there was a serious glut of talented young bands and a dearth of labels to sign them. Let it be said there’s not one turkey track on this whole groovy release. Now the bone to pick: the name Blue-Eyed Garage, an obvious play on the term "blue-eyed soul” (soul sung by white Englishmen), doesn’t make much sense. Since ’60s garage was always a genre owned by white (often) Englishmen, what’s up with that? Perhaps as the majority of songs are extremely soul influenced (not always a prerequisite for garage), that’s the reason. No matter, if you get this release you’ll be too busy shaking your tail feather to be reading covers and such. (Independent)