Various Big Proof & Iron Fist Records Presents Hand 2 Hand

One good thing a about mix-tape like Hand 2 Hand, which features more than 27 different MCs, is that certain guys really stand out from the crowd. The MCs and producers are mostly "undergrounders” from Detroit with the exception of Chino XL, Proof and Slum Villiage. The best thing about Hand 2 Hand is that about half of its 31 songs each bang with an individual flavour. The goal of representing Detroit is accomplished by the recently slain Proof from D12, who presents a wide array of talent completely disassociated from Eminem or anything shady. Another quality of this mix-tape is that it features actual rap groups and not just random rappers, beginning with a banger from I.F. Soldiers called "Times Up.” The track mimics "Flip Side,” produced by Just Blaze about five years ago, and one of the guys on this song raps just like vintage Freeway — and it’s pure heat. "1+8 N US” from another group called Woof Pac is a fresh sounding ode to haters packed with swagger and confidence, over a smooth quick light percussive beat. Hand 2 Hand also showcases tons of new producers with hot beats like B.R. Gunna who laces Slum Villiage on the "EZ UP” remix with a melodic edgy beat, and Joe Loops who blesses J. Hill with a sparse bass heavy beat on "A.I.” J. Dilla is also on this quality presentation of what Detroit has to offer. Check it out. (Iron Fist)