Various Basement Suite

Rapper, producer and spin-doctor LeoThreeSeven (Leo Shia) and his brother Tim Shia proudly show off their family on PPF House’s Basement Suite, a compilation of original music from the Ontario label’s artists. From spacey opener "Movement” by Wine (Leo and Al Buddy Black) it becomes apparent that PPF has one of the most original sounds in Canada. Abyss "kills them softly and tallies the death toll” on "Build a Dream” and then Basement Suite goes into a couple instrumentals by the Dilla-esque Sunclef and jazz and hip-hop fusion group the Worst Pop Band Ever. The artists intermingle on the old school/new school posse track "Nightlife” and Abyss invokes the spirit with Gigz The Unknown Producer on "Homesick,” a lovable and hummable slow jam. After the entire crew take us out in 80 seconds on "Scratch It Out,” it’s guaranteed you’ll be creeping their Myspaces for more. (PPF House)