Various Bar Rhumba

There's something about the mix of mid-paced house beats and Brazilian music that always results in a winning combination, and this compilation is no exception. Bar Rhumba features the kind of music that's perfect for a sunny day outdoors. This is the hybrid of house/lounge music one would find in a hip coffee shop or other places where 20-somethings gather to relax. None of the artists are especially well known, but the calibre of the music is high. Highlights of the compilation include Barrio Jazz Gang's flute-driven "Bellavista," Elektrotwist's "I Wonder What Their Next Move Will Be," which sounds like it's backed by James Brown's band, and Our Man From Odessa's "Softransauto," which could easily figure into a '70s cop movie. In all, a good compilation of background music for a session relaxing with friends. (Instinct)