Various Art of Disco

Yellow Productions out of Paris, France are a DJ oriented boutique label behind projects like the stunning Africanism records. Yellow Productions is the type of label that you can trust to release stunning dance music and Art of Disco is a top-notch look at a sound that remains relevant a quarter century after the fact. Art of Disco collects the cream of the crop of contemporary musicians influenced by the night life of the late ’70s. Vocal diva Carolyn Harding’s "Strength” is mixed by Freeform 5 and kicks the album off in style, with a dozen session musicians from the London Telefilmonic Orchestra adding layers and layers of luscious strings to the mix just like back in the golden days. Shortly thereafter, the sound takes a digital dive as funky Finns Putsch ’79 reinterpret Martino’s "4am in the Morning” with their molten plastic synthesisers. It is hard to believe that Alexander Robotnick’s "Dance Boy Dance” was originally released in the early ’80s because it still sounds just as futuristic in 2005 as it did way back when. Bob Sinclar’s "Who Needs Sleep Tonight” dips deeper into Italo-disco territory while Vince’s "Superworld” is bizarre yet catchy Euro-pop. There are a couple of acid house inspired numbers as well, including N&W’s "Analogue Acid” and "Randomizer,” although the better songs on this compilation are Sinclar’s breezy and cinematic synth cut, "Jeuness Doree,” and Blackjoy’s hysterical "Moustache.” The Tiefschwarz remix of DJTAL’s "Digital World” is pretty dope as well. Art of Disco is exactly what it claims to be. (Yellow Productions)