Various The Acrustic Age Volume Two: Curse of the Pharos Tune

The crusty response to Fearless Records’ increasingly painful Punk Goes Acoustic series, this substantially grittier compilation is as brilliant and painful as a 28-track all-acoustic comp can be. B.A. Johnston set the tone for sloppy, funny, catchy tunes with "Jesus is From Steeltown,” an ode to God’s only son and Hamilton’s football superiority. Conversely, there are contributions like Johnny Sizzle’s "I, Cigarette Whore” that sound a little too much like a drunk one-man Black Flag playing "Six Pack” into a stolen cassette deck. Bands like the Doers rise to the challenge however, as their "Doin Yer Taxes” is one the highlights of the whole collection. Lacking the perfected approach of genuine folk punk bands like This Bike is a Pipe Bomb or Ghost Mice, this compilation is an interesting collection that contains enough gems to make it well worth picking up. (Crusty)