Various 12 Inch Biz, Dubplates, Remixes and Definitives

When Ali Campbell and Brian Traves, of UB40 fame, came together to establish their own reggae imprint dedicated to producing and promoting the progressive sounds of the dancehall movement, they created an early home for some of today’s leading dancehall reggae artists. 12 Inch Biz, Dubplates, Remixes and Definitives is a retrospective of Orcabessa’s impressive talent pool and sharp skills at joining sweaty dancehall rhythms with gritty speed garage from the UK. Heavy bass lines mash-up against two-step beats and tough vocals. Choice cuts include a heavy bass-driven Elephant Man on "Run Lef Dem Drawers.” Lady Saw flows over a serious rhythm on "Freak Break.” Culture Black get dubbed out and down-tempo on "Under my Guiness.” Mr. Vegas comes through with "Western End,” creating a high-energy mash-up for all the dance floors. Look out for a very soulful, laid back version of Stevie Wonder’s "Village Ghettoland,” done up by the Campbell Brothers and carried by the smooth roots reggae of the Orcabessa All-stars. 12 Inch Biz, Dubplates, Remixes and Definitives is a high energy, two-disc, sweaty party from beginning to end that bridges any remaining gaps between two connected musical movements. (Select Cuts)