Various The World Ends: Afro Rock And Psychedelia In 1970s Nigeria Pt. 1 and 2

Even after three compilations of Nigerian sounds, and three of Ghanaian music, there is simply too much splendid music to be revealed from the populous hub of West Africa to accuse Soundway of going back to the well too often. Unlike potentially similar compilation Nigeria Rock Special, this collection goes deeper into pure rockness, perhaps because of its earlier time frame, covering the turn of the decade. The market for vintage global rock has only grown in the last few years, so many of these songs, though implicitly funky, are hard as nails. "Chokoi & Elege," by the Elcados, sports a whopping beat and extremely lysergic guitar. "Deiyo Deiyo," by the Hykkers, is more overtly funky, but also features a guitar straining to escape the grooves. Most of the songs are relatively short, highlighting the influence of non-African song construction ― nowhere is Europe and America's influence clearer than on these concise verse/chorus compositions, originally released on 45s. This is another triumph for Soundway. (Soundway)