Various Well Hung

Adding further weight to their acclaimed knack for bringing filthy funk rock breaks from the unlikely dark corners of the Middle East and Eastern Europe to the fresh ears of North American crate-diggers, labels B-Music and Finders Keepers strike Hungarian pay dirt this time around with their compilation Well Hung. Providing proof that the psychedelic rock of the '60s and '70s was truly a global movement, much of the rare notes gathered here to represent the underground sounds of a supposedly stifled communist Hungary feel completely natural, with exceptions coming in the folksy melodies of tunes like Metro's "A Pénz" or the playful surf rock delivery of Nemenyi Bela's "Kinai Fal." The rest of the record, however, is simply and satisfyingly dirty, like the twinned guitar/bass lines, brash organ and Joplin-style vocal delivery of Kati Kovács' "Add Már Uram Az Esőt!," Omega's expansive percussion expo "Kérgeskezű Fávágok" and Sarolta Zalatnay's muddy, funk-drenched "Hadd Mondjam El." While many of the influences may seem clear upon first listen, the lengths to which the artists twist and develop their sounds require a bit of investment to fully digest. (B-Music)