Various Slimewave Goregrind Series

For those not quite underground enough to have collected all six seven-inch records in the Slimewave series, Relapse has thoughtfully compiled them on this one great splatter of gore grind goodness. Of the 12 bands here, the highlights include Sweden’s Mumakil, whose no-nonsense grindcore recently landed them a Relapse deal, Poland’s Antigama, who, despite getting more streamlined as the releases go on, still manage to play mind-boggling grind of the highest order, and the over-the-top antics of drum-machine grinders XXX Maniak, who steal the show with their song titles, such as "Golden Showers: Black Hearts” and others that I don’t dare type. For those who bought the vinyl, there are no extras and the layout and presentation are pretty bare bones. But to hear bands like Rot, Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition, Cripple Bastards and many other of underground grind’s best on one disc is a worthy investment. (Relapse)