Various Si Para Usted 2

Waxing Deep main-man Dan Zacks turned many heads with his Si Para Usted compilation a couple of years ago. Most of the appeal came from the sheer funk factor of these tracks; it's vintage music but not Buena Vista Social Club "vintage." This second volume is even better than the first; it remains full of obscurities and relatively well known names (like Juan Pablo Torres and, for us Canadians, Hilario Duran) but the overall pacing and quality of the individual tracks make for an even more involved listen than the first time around. There's a bit more psychedelia this time out, with disco-era cuts played down. I prefer these earlier cuts ― the keyboards seem wilder and more liberties are taken with the grooves than latter day, smoother workouts. Highlights include Los Rapidos' dense and funky "Safari Salvaje," the prog rock buzz of Los Llamas' "Das Llamas" and the San Fran love power vibes of Mirta Y Raul's "El Sueno De Andria." (Waxing Deep)