Various Hell Comes Home Volume 1

Along with a T-shirt and digital downloads, this box set from Ireland's raddest label contains a whopping 12 seven-inch records with new and unreleased material from metal's underground elite. Ranging from sludgy filthcore to psychedelic doom, these nuggets exemplify the vinyl split's exigency and are mirrored by the unsettling insectoid cover art. Big Sir's Lisa Papineau lends her languid vocals to Kowloon Walled City's outstanding cover of Low's "July," as Australia's Akaname offer the very Mastodon-like "Rain Will Be the New Gold." The cascading psych-doom of Lesbian's Fungal Abyss' "Humongous Fungus" complements the Kiss It Goodbye-esque, crash-and-burn hardcore of "Shallow Grave" by Philly's Fight Amp. Ohio sludge kings Fistula don't disappoint with the interminably downtrodden "Drugs and Deception," while Sweden's Pyramido sip New Orleans swamp water in "Cleansed." Prefaced by the craziest Reagan snippet ever, Cali's the Fucking Wrath deliver the most fittingly titled tune, "Ronald Reagan Punk Party," while Chicago's the Swan King lay Cable-like rhythms in "Between the Lines." Rabbits, Tellusian, Dukatalon, and Coffinworm also offer unique, curb-stomping noise. And for 60 quid, plus shipping, you too can own one of the greatest cover songs in the history of the genre: Baton Rouge doom assailants Thou unequivocally slay on Soundgarden's "4th of July." The best part: this is only the first instalment. (Hell Comes Home)