Various Dubstars: From Dub To Disco & From Disco To Dub

That title’s a mouthful and it’s not even particularly accurate. First off, there’s no disco. Moving beyond that, this is a highly agreeable collection of ’80s artefacts done dub-wise. There are several factions of ’80s nostalgia represented on this disc, which are largely united by the "everything but the kitchen sink” dub mentality that made these tunes on the technological cutting edge back in the day. The Eno/Byrne/Compass Point axis is represented by four tunes, the callow British soul scene chalks up three entries, electro-dub B-sides get a threesome of respect and trip-hop pioneers also check in. In short, it sounds like the kind of music that inspired Echo Beach (the Martha and the Muffins song and this German dub label). Your enjoyment of this disc will depend directly on your ability to get over the credits of Terence Trent D’Arby and Simply Red and concentrate on the fine reworkings of average material. That said, both Byrne/Eno’s "Jezebel Spirit” and Talking Heads’ "Once In A Lifetime” are over-comped and serve little purpose for this theme. (Echo Beach)