Various The Sound Of Wonder

The Sound Of Wonder is the latest excellent flight of fancy from the Finders Keepers crew. Taking on "Lollywood" music from 1974 to '80, this represents the audio excellence of Lahore, Pakistan's studio orchestras and arrangers. These productions are similar to their Bollywood-ian cousins of the same era, though the liner notes suggest that the scale is more modest. Modest in size, perhaps, but not in ideas. This is a mind-expanding set chock full of analog synths, acid guitar sounds and breaks that fit right in with the rest of the Finders Keepers catalogue. English vocal hooks add immediacy to the grooves but the inventive arrangements beg careful analysis. So many ideas are downright nutty: the hyper-driven scatting of "Karye Pyar" suggests that vocalists were subbing for the percussionists that day, while Donna Summer hooks crash into rockabilly guitars in "Life Hai Kusch Dinon Ki." And so it goes: another potent cultural mash-up long before the term was invented. (Finders Keepers)