The Vandals Look What I Almost Stepped In

In addition to the adrenaline rush of "I'm the Boss Of Me," the Vandals exploit the upbeat garage blueprint of the Ramones in "Behind the Music," "What About Me?," "San Berdu" and "Fourteen." Elsewhere, they pastiche the intro to Brian Wilson's "Good Vibrations," in "That's My Girl," about a woman who's "the drunkest at the party." The band's best moments happen when they combine pop flair with driving aggression: "The New You," "Jackass," "Kick It" and "Get a Room!" The combination of cheesy synth riffs and clotted glam-rock guitars suggest influences that range from Marc Bolan, Mick Ronson and the Only Ones to power pop punkers All, who have perfected this genre over the years. (Nitro)