Vancouver's Thee Ahs Announce New Album: 'Corey's Coathangers'

BY Alex HudsonPublished Mar 17, 2014

Thee Ahs released their sophomore album, Future Without Her, scarcely a year ago, but the cutely aggressive Vancouver indie pop act are already back with another full-length. Corey's Coathangers is due out on March 25.

The record album will receive a CD pressing through Jigsaw Records, while Birdtapes will give it a run of 50 cassettes. It was recorded in the summer of 2013 with Tom Prilesky at the Zoo Zhop in Vancouver.

An announcement describes the album's sound as "black bubblegum indie pop." For a taste of what this sounds like, scroll past the nine-song tracklist below to hear "Does It Still Count?" Additionally, the title track can be downloaded for free at Jigsaw's website.

The album cover is above.

Thee Ahs will release Corey's Coathangers with a release show at Simply Delicious on April 4, where admission and CDs are $5 a pop. Dead Soft, Pineapple and Wetface are also on the bill.

Corey's Coathangers:

1. The Boy Who Never Grew Up
2. Corey's Coathangers
3. Nothing in the Dark
4. Does It Still Count?
5. Dream of You
6. Love Sleep
7. I'm Not Angry Anymore
8. Sad Sam
9. Spooky L<3ve

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