Vancouver's des hume Finally Releases Debut Album 'Bub'

The recordings date back to 2017
Vancouver's des hume Finally Releases Debut Album 'Bub'
Vancouver pop songwriter des hume has been talking about his album Bub for a couple of years, and now it's finally out. He has released it for the latest Bandcamp Friday, with all proceeds going to charity.

The artist explained in a statement that he made the album in 2017, and never intended to release it in its existing form. He wrote:

It was always too messy, too raw and too intimate to share, and I resolved to shelve it until I found a way to re-contextualize what I had made... but times have changed. Our worlds are smaller now, solitude is the new normal and the inner voice is our dearest companion. It is in this moment that I feel like a small, vulnerable collection of music might be helpful.

The 10 songs that make up Bub are rougher around the edges than the gleaming synthpop that he's released over the last couple years — although the dreamy reverb, '80s electronic grooves and '90s R&B undertones are fairly consistent with the sound he's continued to establish as des hume.

Hear Bub below, both in the Bandcamp player and with accompanying visuals on YouTube. All proceeds will go to Vancouver's Wish Drop-In Centre charity.