Vancouver's Braue Curates 'Exclaim! Mix 06'

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Vancouver's Braue Curates 'Exclaim! Mix 06'
It's been a while since our last Exclaim! Mix, where we highlight some of the most talented DJs and producers from across Canada, but this one's worth the wait. We've taken a much-needed trip out west for our latest installment, which comes courtesy of Vancouver's Braue.

You might recognize her by aliases like Myte and Coral Beach, or perhaps just by Lyndsy Brow. She's also an integral part of Vancouver's well-loved Subversive crew, who host "underground music for the open minded." They've brought a slew of house and techno acts to the city, and afforded Braue the opportunity to play alongside heavy-hitters like the Black Madonna, Steffi, Prosumer and Joey Anderson.

Like a lot of Vancouverites, Braue's own productions are rife with a certain haziness. Her tracks don't just plod along in the fog, however. As she's shown on labels like Rhombus and, as well as on her SoundCloud page, Braue's music has a pulse that permeates the mist and shines straight through to the dancefloor.

Her Exclaim! Mix is no different. It wanders through the duskier outskirts of techno but with the warm flashlight of dub on hand to guide you through. The whole mix is a musical pilgrimage, but the closing section will have you (pleasantly) lost with no bearings.

"I selected a range of dub techno for this mix. It's a style of music I've yet to fall out of love with, and it seems to fit this time of year. Also, a few of my own tracks are peppered in for good measure. I hope you enjoy, and thanks for listening!"

Check out the mix below, along with the full tracklist. 

Exclaim! Mix 06:

Disctopia - "Rassvet"
Bas Amro - "Passing"
Braue - "Love Songs"
Falke - "Live In a Bubble (Perm Remix)"
Arnaud Le Texier - "Tribute to Max M"
Braue - "Sphere (Leon's Dream)"
Inland - "R-13"
Future 16 - "Shape Select"
Mental Resonance - "Interstellar"
Artefakt - "Moving Horizon"
Marco Zenker - "First Feeling"
Braue - "Witch Hazel"
Konrad Wehrmeister - "Gel"
Kaap - "Phisik"