Valery Gore Details 'Idols in the Dark Heart,' Shares New Track

Valery Gore Details 'Idols in the Dark Heart,' Shares New Track
A year on from Valery Gore first announcing plans to issue an experimental LP dubbed Idols in the Dark Heart, the Toronto indie artist has now given up all of the details behind the set. Her third full-length effort arrives independently on September 9.

The album includes 11 new songs and makes for the first full-length from the artist since 2008's Avalanche to Wandering Bears. The song cycle is said to be a "lush and lyrical paradise" reflecting on themes of "human relationships, encountering love, loss, and the shadows of nostalgia and doubt."

As previously reported, Idols in the Dark Heart was intended to take Gore away from the jazzy, piano-driven tunes of her past work in favour of a more eclectic direction with more electronic touches. The record apparently pairs Gore's "throaty, candid voice" with "synth melodies, confident acoustics and low Moog bass lines."

"I want the music to open up, to allow more room for the vocals," Gore had previously said in a statement of the LP's direction said. "So I'm hoping to showcase them a bit more, rather than hiding them behind heavy piano and drums."

Ahead of the album's release, Gore is previewing dark harmonies, symphonic keyboard oscillations, percussive clanks and her own velvety vibrato with a stream of first single "Amsterdam." You'll find the track beneath the rest of the album info.

Idols in the Dark Heart:

1. With The Future
2. Chinook
3. Amsterdam
4. Character Girls, Quiet Guys
5. Evergreen
6. July
7. New Year's Eve
8. Clean Break
9. Lungs
10. Hummingbird In Reverse
11. S.O.