The Bodhi Collection

BY Cosette SchulzPublished Aug 5, 2015

Vinny Vaguess (pronounced "Vegas") scrapped his first name, picked up a guitar and made rough rock'n'roll recordings on cassette tapes in the lead-up to his latest LP; Sinderlyn put together 21 of his cuts, cleaned them up a tad and called it The Bodhi Collection.
With every song clocking in at less than two minutes and 40 seconds, it plays like a high-energy punk show. Put this record on, shut your eyes, and you easily can picture a sweat-stinking crowd moshing and bopping along. It's sonically straightforward, but certainly not lacking in attitude, raw, cacophonous and chaotic, the words he's singing barely audible unless you strain; keep a keen ear and you may hear grody lines like the emetophobic-unfriendly "Cherry-flavoured chunks out your mouth and into mine." Or better yet, give his video for "Sinkpisser" a gander (note: the title says it all).
The Bodhi Collection is more than just noise, though. Vaguess has a real knack for writing earworm riffs that sound simultaneously fresh and like an ode to time-honoured punk of the past. It's a satisfying listen, and despite it boasting 21 tracks, it doesn't feel lengthy or overstretched. Yes, these are simple songs, but each one has a novel quality, whether it's an unusual bass run or addictive vocal melody. Simplicity is often the most difficult thing to accomplish in music, but Vaguess achieves it with seeming ease.

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