Untimely Demise

City of Steel

BY Ola MazzucaPublished Sep 13, 2011

According to the Saskatchewan Arts Board, Untimely Demise have garnered success via a growing fan base that spreads across Canada, Europe and Asia, kind of like the vast cultivation of wheat that blankets their native province. The re-release of debut record City of Steel and signing to a label marks a big step for these small town boys. With fierce, in-your-face thrash anthems "Hunting of Evil" and "Unmaker" sandwiched in-between notes of classic tremolo technique and whiplash-worthy beats, Untimely Demise show major love for those they've worshipped through headphones over time. The band write of roots on "Streets of Vice" before "Bloodsoaked Mission" showcases vocals that spew evil amongst guitar squeals galore. Despite many of the cliché notions strangers have of Saskatchewan, Untimely Demise prove the Canadian and international metal scenes wrong with their classical approach to unleashing youthful angst.
(Sonic Unyon)

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