Three Sisters

BY Kiel HumePublished Aug 7, 2012

Unsacred aren't sure what kind of band they are, and that's a good thing. Rather than picking a single genre and sticking with it, they've said, "whatever" to the world and decided to be both a black metal and hardcore act, or to be precise, a hardcore group that sometime launch into black metal sections. In heavy music, the question of exactly where a band's sound falls within the spectrum of sub-genres occupies listeners, musicians and critics to no end. Joining a growing number of acts that throw off the shackles of genre purity – Full of Hell and Young and in the Way come to mind – Unsacred unapologetically play songs that have features of both genres. The result? Unsacred have unlocked a well-kept secret: that hardcore and black metal have a great deal more in common than one might expect. Besides the obvious anti-establishment, counter-cultural tendencies, musically the two genres blend together remarkably well – each of the tracks on Unsacred's Three Sisters EP demonstrates that tremolos – the high-toned, speedy backbone of black metal – are an excellent way to counterpoint a slower, low-toned hardcore section. This is great material that will satisfy fans of both genres and leave you very curious to see what Unsacred do next.
(Broken Limbs)

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