Unni Wilhelmsen Hurricane's Eye

A record label scooped Unni Wilhelmsen up after her very first show, and things have continued to whirlwind for this Norwegian artist. Her contemporary sound shares an infusion of folk, which has definitely caught on in her homeland. Her 1996 debut album To Whom It May Concern received two Norwegian Grammys, while her second album, Definitely Me was released nine months later and went gold in Norway. Although virtually unknown in Canada, she has five albums under her belt. And after experiencing problems with the major label she was on, Wilhelmsen started her own. The move ensured nothing would be compromised in producing this latest effort. Playing her crescendo-driven guitar, her whimsical voice offers up lyrics that tell tales of dark confessions. This album allowed for Wilhelmsen to experiment with the musical arrangements. Accompanying her is a brooding cello along with accents of harmonica and chords of a keyboard. The result releases a harmony of soothing tones. The track "Striking” uses a valiha, a South African instrument made from bamboo that sounds like a combination of a harp and banjo. Overall the album is unobtrusive and widely appealing. (St. Cecilia)