Dawn of the Nine

BY Denise FalzonPublished May 1, 2015

The 12th album by long-running Swedish death metallers Unleashed, Dawn of the Nine, follows 2012's exceptional Odalheim, and continues the band's tradition of merging Norse mythology and Viking themes with their brand of black- and thrash-infused classic death metal. Picking up where Odalheim left off, Dawn of the Nine is filled with devastating ferocity, starting with opening track, "A New Day Will Rise," a blood-soaked attack of fast riffs and thunderous drumming.
The razor-sharp "Where is Your God Now?" showcases the band's blackened style, with relentless speed and frontman Johnny Hedlund's sinister vocals. "The Bolt Thrower" contains the perfect '90s Swedish death metal-esque balance of brutality and melody, while "Where Churches Once Burned" combines black and death styles with unique tones and an eerie atmosphere. The title track is a slow, menacing dirge before Unleashed finish the album off with a powerful hammer-strike to take you to Valhalla, "Welcome the Son of Thor!"
(Nuclear Blast)

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