Unknown Mobile Daucile Moon

Unknown Mobile Daucile Moon
Vancouver-based label Pacific Rhythm never seem to fail. With previous extraordinary releases from Khotin and D. Tiffany, Unknown Mobile's Daucile Moon is something to look forward to.
Created partly using found MIDI files from an archived Geocities stash, Daucile Moon is an internet-sourced treasure. Hybrid digital and analogue production make the album sound familiar, like a tightened,  restored version of the past, a long forgotten soundtrack.
"Ravers Sojourn" is what the name suggests; blended into a tight DJ set, it could be used as an ambient way to give the kids a break. The soothing vocal sample two-thirds of the way through brings a new kick to the track.
Eight tracks long, enough to tell a story, Daucile Moon is mostly instrumental and deeply melodic. Dance music on a deeper level, tracks like "Simone Can't Swim" feel almost meditational, with wind chime sound effects layered throughout other organic noise. When the beat thickens about halfway through, the song raises both tempos and heartbeats.
Following tranquil tunes with upbeat (and slightly unexpected) "Resting in Jupiters Garden," Unknown Mobile swing to a more unusual sound that combines the organic sounds of tracks past with almost vaporwave-inspired crushed and lo-fi backbeats and white noise, delivering a soft, minimal house track.
The hypnotic "Oenology" features CFCF on guitar, and at under seven minutes, it brings with it the feeling of hanging out with friends, enjoying a drink or two, watching the sunset on a warm August evening.
With Daucile Moon, Unknown Mobile have made a lovely eight-track album that feels like a good midsummer release. With strong collaboration from CFCF, the album, like a charcuterie board or a large order of fries, is something you share with friends. (Pacific Rhythm)