Uniform Thirty Three Revolutions

If the Oblivians joined forces with Fugazi, that band would sound something like the Uniform. At times loose and staggering, at other times jagged and angular, this edgy trio also sound a little bit like Drive Like Jehu and/or the Hot Snakes. The recording quality here is a little raw and distorted, but it suits the music just fine. The production reminds you of seeing a good band at a fun, rowdy basement party where the makeshift P.A. system is just on the edge of blowing all night. In fact, the whole record has the vibe that it might just implode at any time. There are lots of good songs here with even better song titles, but some of the hotter tracks include "Needless To Say I Pleasured Them All," "When Monkees Attack" and "He Is In The Chinese Mafia." A good band to do crazy acid dancing to. (Morphius)