Unholy Ghost Torrential Reign

Rest assured black metal is thriving in the hearts of young Satanists everywhere. Unholy Ghost are another reminder of Emperor’s everlasting impression upon America. Century Media calls this record "dizzying” and there is no word more accurate in describing the maelstrom of blackened riffs and driving drumming. Machine gun is the armed theme of this record, shooting out beats faster than the target (listener) has time to absorb. Harmonies come in at a hundred miles an hour and revert back into numbing blasts from the gun. Barely a year old, this Tampa-based band is comprised of ex-members of both Diabolic and Pessimist, sticking true to their roots but taking a step forward in refining their craft. They transform the tempo at the drop of a cymbal, often converging into doom-laden contortions of earlier riffs, creating structure amidst the complexity. As long as Florida continues to generate and support metal, extreme music fans can sleep knowing their nightmares will always be available for purchase on compact disc format. (Olympic)