Underworld "Always Loved a Film" (Live on Fallon)

Underworld 'Always Loved a Film' (Live on <i>Fallon</i>)
We know it's not always the case, but electronic artists often get a bad rap for concentrating more on twiddling knobs than putting on a decent live show. While a couple of Underworld's members did have a lot on their plates, between running a few mixing boards and no less than four laptops, vocalist Karl Hyde absolutely lit up the stage when the outfit played Barking cut "Always Loved a Film" on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night (October 26).

Sincerely feeling the airy synths and pulsing club beat, the striped-shirted singer mugged for the camera as he wildly waggled his spindly legs to the tune. Later on, he raised his hands in the air like he just didn't care as he fully got into the groove. His refrain of "Can you feel it?" clearly meshed with host Fallon, as the pair have a bit of a dance-off near the end of the clip. It's cute, really.