Underground Divas The Underground Divas

If the Stones composed an entire album of songs that sounded like "The Girl With Far Away Eyes" and "Dear Doctor,” and maybe got John Prine to contribute a few tracks about women he'd like to get to know biblically, the end result wouldn't be far off the Underground Divas' first release. With tongue never far away from cheek, except perhaps when it's lapping up enough whisky to make singer Rick Murrin sound like Guy Clark after a bender, the Underground Divas jostle and bounce through 18 honky junk extravaganzas. Paying homage to Bible-thumpin' lovers and carnival bands with acoustic and steel guitar, mandolins, harmonica and piano, this ramshackle country folk band have hit upon several near classic songs that might just end up becoming saloon and campfire favourites. There are more than a few duds among the bunch though, sketches more than completed works, and a little culling in the final stages of production would have produced a stronger album overall. Still, judging by the beauty of tracks like "Baby Doll,” "Oh Me! Oh You! Oh My!" and "Silence Was Silver," the Underground Divas are certainly a band to watch. (Independent)