The Underachievers "Chasing Faith x Rain Dance x Allusions" (video)

The Underachievers 'Chasing Faith x Rain Dance x Allusions' (video)
Brooklyn rap duo the Underachievers have an album called Evermore - The Art of Duality on the way, and having confirmed a September 25 release date for RPM MSC, they have unveiled an ambitious new three-part music video.

The clip incorporates three songs from the album: "Chasing Faith," "Rain Dance" and "Allusions." Directed by YASHXANA, the six-minute clip juxtaposes the icy, atmospheric hip-hop production with hot and sunny visuals, as we see rappers AK and Issa Gold delivering their rhymes in the middle of the desert. They then hitchhike on the highway and catch a ride in a snazzy convertible before the sun sets and they have a drug-addled adventure in Las Vegas.

Watch the clip below. This follows a lyric video for "Take Your Place."

The Underachievers also have a big North American tour coming up, and you can see all the dates here