Under Byen

Alt Er Tabt

BY Daniel SylvesterPublished May 25, 2010

On their first LP since the departure of pianist Thorbjørn Krogshede (who wrote the majority of their material), Aarhus, Denmark seven-piece Under Byen deliver Alt Er Tabt, an album that strives to come off as much more ambitious and less conceptual than albums past. With a style that has often been compared to both Björk's shock and Elizabeth Fraser's awe, vocalist Henriette Sennenvaldt's breathy delivery sounds, at times, both heady and primal on tracks like "Territorium" and "Alt Er Tabt." "8" and "Protokol" manage to move at a snake charmer's pace, contorting and weaving while avoiding any sudden moves, and "Således" filters vocal grunts and exhales throughout broken music box rhythms. "Er Noget Smukt Glemt Findes Det Muligvis Endnu" stands as the most alluring song on the album, ending with a mammoth, baroque-en record crescendo, allowing the listener to become just as absorbed in the nuances of Alt Er Tabt as the band.
(Paper Bag)

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