Under Byen Declare All Is Lost on New Full-Length

Under Byen Declare All Is Lost on New Full-Length
Denmark indie rock septet Under Byen haven't had much release-wise since their beloved 2006 record Samme Stof Som Stof. Instead, they've been busy touring the world, playing both traditional venues and apparently a Swedish forest. Now, the band are gearing up to release their fourth album.

The record is called Alt Er Tabt, which translates to All Is Lost. According to a press release, the album is the band's "most direct album to date. It is structured around subtle, minimal and abstract sounds. The music and lyrics are always on the edge of exploding into a new meaning, new complexity and new shades of wealth. The instruments were recorded to preserve their pure unmediated materiality, where music is confused with sounds. A cello sounds like wood. A guitar sounds like steel."

Alt Er Tabt will be released by Paper Bag Records on April 6. For now, you can download the album's title track here.

Alt Er Tabt:

1. "8"
2. "Territorium"
3. "Alt er tabt"
4. "Således"
5. "Ikke latteren men øjeblikket lige efter"
6. "Unoder"
7. "Konstant"
8. "Er noget smukt glemt findes det muligvis endnu"
9. "Kapitel 1"
10. "Protokol"