Unbroken It's Getting Tougher to Say the Right Things

Some may be familiar with the Unbroken moniker via their infamous Life, Love, Regret album. Deceased for almost five years now, Unbroken's legacy survives due to their rather seminal standing in the metal/hardcore movement of the early, mid-'90s and this "warts and all" collection of rarities, seven-inches and compilation tracks. Although it sounds dated at times, and bad at others, It's Getting Tougher... contains some of Unbroken's strongest work. Unbroken's defining attribute wasn't how technically proficient they were; it was their ability to infuse hardcore-tinged metal with a morose atmosphere, dark, depressing and bleak. While many of the songs on It's Getting Tougher... seem rather typical by today's standards (slow, plodding, Slayer-ish mosh metal), Unbroken's role in pioneering this style (and its subsequent popularity) can't be overlooked. However, some of the inclusions stand the test of time, most notably "Absentee Debate" and "Crushed on You," their last recorded work, "Fall On Proverb" and their cover of Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart," all of which show Unbroken growing beyond their metal/hardcore roots. This is an excellent document of Unbroken's musical journey and a fitting memorial. (Indecision)