Ultra Dolphins Why Are You Laugh

Why are you laugh, indeed. Is it because of the atrocious grammar and lack of punctuation (where’s that question mark?) or really, really bad band name? Nope, despite the obvious battle against the English language the Dolphins are waging (and, for all intents and purposes, losing), the happy, happy, joy, joy comes from the brilliant musical schizophrenia contained within the 20-plus-minute, six-song EP. Years ago, Ultra Dolphins would have languished in the realm of the "too weird,” but with demented genius all the rage (thank you, Blood Brothers and the Locust), the underground is embracing the aggressively weird with a previously unknown fervour, and the Dolphins are nothing if not aggressive and weird. Easy comparisons can be drawn with the aforementioned Blood Brothers (except with some more metal), the twisted and distorted legacy of the Jesus Lizard creeps in from time to time, and, yes, labels like "post-hardcore” and "math rock” can be bandied about with limited success. But, the Dolphins combine the spastic with the aggressive and weirdly discordant but catchy to assault the senses in an ingenious conflagration of noise. With music this good, study some grammar, boys, and the world will be yours. (Robotic Empire)