Shrines of Paralysis

BY Denise FalzonPublished Oct 26, 2016

New Zealand trio Ulcerate aren't your typical technical metal band. Yes, their songwriting is complex and they employ unpredictable tempo changes — as well as massive, dynamic rhythms and intricate guitar work — but it's their unconventional passages, blending death metal, doom and black metal, accompanied by their unique, forward-thinking approach and impeccable musicianship, that really distinguishes their sound and creates a truly captivating atmosphere.
With their fifth studio album, Shrines of Paralysis, Ulcerate maintain their distinctive unorthodox style, picking up where 2013's Vermis left off. "Abrogation" begins with a barrage of chaotic sounds, including punishing drums, intense riffs and frantic melodies that slow down to a doomy groove mid-way through before building back up to a discordant rumble. Many of the tracks feature this interchanging style, such as "Yield to Naught" and "Chasm of Fire," as well as the standout title track, transitioning from vigorous havoc to broken-down, slow, haunting tones and back again.
At nearly an hour long, Shrines of Paralysis demands attention throughout, seamlessly weaving all of the various complex elements together into an ominous, cohesive mass of organized chaos.

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